Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indeed we are living in dangerous times. If we look into the past our Grandfathers fought against an enemy called colonialism, our fathers fought a more social war called Youth-unrest and we today are facing something called fundamentalism.

After a lot of self introspection I cam up with this idea how do we stop this menace which today is prompting the third confrontation between India and Pakistan and may be the second flashpoint of nuclear warfare.

All of us know the aftermath of an nuclear clash, till today Hiroshima & Nagasaki are grueling this horrendous act of jingoism.

However I have thought of the following some steps which can help stop the spread of this new virus of religious xenophobia.
We have to neutralize the "idea of jehadisim", in the past also we did the same.
We should divert all our resources and funds at pumping Pakistan and Afghanistan with a mass of Volunteers whose only agenda will be to educate the illiterates, the unemployed to open there eyes. that will help us take away our global youth from venomous sermons of the terrorist leaders .
We have to have incentivised this whole programme of "Youth of change" encourage youth from liberal and educated Muslim nations take up this assignment in these two countries.
Pakistan army is today infiltrated, influenced by jehadi ideas. First we have to weaken there operational efficiency by putting accountability on there defense spent. The irony is Pakistan is the only country in subcontinent which doesn’t have an external enemy but itself. It tries to deflect its state failure on India.
All the Pakistani army’s operational commanders should be sent on UN deputations so that they understand what human apathy is. Beneath every general is a man born without any biases. Once they understand apathy they will stop war mongering.
I may be in the small minority , but India should open up more with Pakistan and let economics drive our regional dynamics. Every jehadi has family ,if Indian medicine can reach his home, a Indian company is opening to a Pakistani worker we will bury this hypothetical hatred created by a small group of confused people..
We should improve our intelligence set-up and military set up to avoid attacks like recent Mumbai horror.
Finally Military option should always be used as defensive action.
I pray to the lord that let peace be there. We have so much poverty, unemployment that hatred has no place in our heart.
Let us all give peace a chance.
Cheers for a new beginning. Be the change

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Shivendra Singh said...

Hey... that was a perfect idea... and perfectly articulated works... I loved the thought and the kind of solution you are proposing. Believe me this is what India is concentrating from the very beginning ... but our education system are generally blamed to losing the touch from the tradition...!!!
Pakistan should also take such stand to improve their per capital resource allocation... it is money, job, education... and make sure it is passed on to the allocated people, which will make them quite self dependent, This will avoid martyr and similar kind of operations happening through out the world...!!!

Let there be peace